5 Best Generatepress Alternatives (Free and Pro)

5 Best Generatepress Alternatives (Free and Pro)

5 Generatepress Alternatives you should Try

Do you remember that generatepress design theory, “we bring structure, you bring design”? This is where any novice designer or developer may prefer to generatepress alternatives to make a site. 

That’s why today we have compiled a list of 5 best generatepress alternatives that you can use. 

So, let’s find them together. 

5 Best Generatepress Alternatives in 2024:

Although generatepress is one of our personal favorite WordPress themes, we have been using it for years. It is also a flexible and compatible theme with Elementor or another page builder like Beaver Builder. 

Still, for some beginners, it would get difficult to customize the theme effectively and

to make plenty of customization. 

So, here are some of our top recommendations.


Astra is one of our top recommendations to use as a generatepress alternative. It’s because Astra supports a wide range of functionalities similar to generatepress. 

It has around 1 million worldwide installations where you can tweak the header, footer, typography, or sidebar. 

Additionally, Astra is the most flexible theme, so you can optimize every inch of your website. 

Top Features:

  1. Lightweight theme to create an SEO-optimized and fast-loading website.
  2. More than 100 starter sites opportunity. 
  3. You can also use the theme with WooCommerce.
  4. More design control with plenty of layouts.
  5. Plenty of custom sidebar options are available in Astra.
  6. Google font optimization
  7. Available in both free and premium versions. 


Astra is available in a free version. However, a pro plugin of Astra is necessary enough to create additional capabilities in the theme.  

Both annual and lifetime membership plans are also available in Asta, where the minimum price of Astra is $59 and $299 for a lifetime plan. 


Kadence is another well-deserved alternative to generate a theme where the 100% customization opportunity and great features enhance its importance. 

It comes with several premade templates to use, so whether you create a custom site or use premade themes, it’s up to you. 

Additionally, a live preview of the design will also be available in the Kadence theme, through which you can get real-time updates on your changes. 

Top Features:

  1. Fully compatible with other page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder
  2. A multipurpose theme. 
  3. Drag and drop feature for effortless customizations. 
  4. WooCommerce integration is available.
  5. A user-friendly theme. 
  6. Several predefined website color schemes to choose from. 


Just like Generatpress or Astra, the Kadence theme is also available in both free and pro versions. Both the annual and lifetime packages are available, where $59 is for an annual membership and $699 for a lifetime. 

However, the number of sites is unlimited in both plans so you can use the Kadence theme limitlessly. 


Divi is the most customizable theme on the earth. That’s why it is the most famous and our favorite alternative to Generatepress. 

The most important part of Divi is that it has a wide range of pre-made templates available. So, whether you are a beginner or just in a hurry to create a site, you can do so with the help of Divi. 

However, Divi is the most suitable generate press alternative for smaller projects. However, if you have any other big site, prefer generatepress or any other mentioned alternative. 

Top Features:

  1. Drag and drop builder to create a site without any coding knowledge. 
  2. Dozens of pre-made templates to suit a variety of websites. 
  3. Responsive and easy-to-use interface. 
  4. More compatibility with WooCommerce to create eCommerce sites as compared to Wix.
  5. Various animation and styling options are also visible to make the site more attractive.
  6. Responsive customer support.


Divi has both lifetime and annual access features available in the market. You can get access to the annual plan for $89, and the lifetime plan costs $249.


Avada is like a page builder that has more than one million active users around the globe and is widely recommended by experts.

It is a multipurpose theme and can be used for any type of website. 

However, if you are a beginner, we recommend you use Astra instead of Avada. It’s because Avada is not a performance-optimized theme, and you may find it difficult to operate. 

Top Features:

  1. Fully compatible with caching or speed optimization plugins like WP Optimize or Wp Rocket.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Widely capable of customizing fonts, layouts, or colors.
  4. Drag and drop builder.
  5. Avada’s performance wizard is highly beneficial to turn off all those features that are no longer in use.


Avada offers two types of packages. For $69, you will get a single site subscription, and for $2950, you will be able to use it on multiple sites. 

However, Avada also has the free and premium versions available, where its free version has more capabilities than Astra. 


Neve is another top-notch generatepress alternative.

Its ability to use a similar approach to generate press is making it widely popular. For example, it is a multipurpose and lightweight theme with high-end flexibility to customize various features and integration of a site. 

Moreover, the free version is highly capable of optimizing a site, and the pro subscription will add value to the list. 

Top Features:

  1. Performance-friendly theme.
  2. 100s of premade templates to customize a site accordingly.
  3. No need to know coding.
  4. Highly Compatible with a number of page builders.
  5. Lightweight theme to make a fast loading site.


The annual price of Neve is $69 for a single site. And for multiple sites, you can use their business plan, which is around $149. 

Price Comparison of Generatepress Alternatives:

Pricing is the most important factor that affects one’s buying decision. 

That’s why here we have got a quick price comparison of all the mentioned generatepress alternatives. This will help you to choose yours wisely and quickly. 

Theme PriceFree Version
Astra$59 – $299
Kadance$59 – $699
Divi$89 – $249
Avada$69 – $2950
Neve$69 – $149. 

Final Thoughts:

No doubt, generatepress is the one of the best WordPress with the both free and paid versions. However, it’s pretty normal if you are looking for any other alternative to Generatpress.

So, have you tried any other theme as a generatepress alternative? If so, do write in the comment section and make the list exhaustive. 

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