Website vs Webpage - Key differences you should know

Website VS WebPage | Top Differences You Should Know

Website VS Web Page |Difference Between Website and Webpage

You might be confused between these two terms, website and webpage. But, of course, there is no harm in it because, in this technological era, a lot of jargon and terms are used, and sometimes we may get confused between them. And for a better understanding and ease, it could be the best option to understand the difference between each term.

Website VS WebPage

Today’s short guide will discuss the top differences between a webpage and a website. In the end, we will also give examples so that you can understand them evenly. So, let’s get a deeper dive into it.

Good to know: sometimes people get confused about whether the web page is a two-word or a single word, but the most exciting thing is that a web page (written separately) is more popular than a webpage (written combined)

Quick Overview – Website Vs Webpage

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of multiple WebPages gathered under a single domain. A website can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone; most commonly, a website is used to gain traffic. While we are talking about the website, we mean it because it includes all types of websites, including eCommerce, affiliate, or service websites.

Though a website could include many pages, they are connected under a single domain name. And this is something that has created ease for the user. We have already posted an article about the website’s essentials to clarify it.

According to a survey, around 1.7 million websites exist worldwide, and the number of websites is increasing daily. Well, that’s a considerable number.

What is a Website

What is a WebPage?

Sometimes people might get the website concept quickly, but they usually get confused when someone describes a webpage. So, a webpage is a single page that can be accessed through a specific URL only where depending on the requirements, a webpage may contain text, graphics, images, etc.

Making a webpage is relatively easy, but it is always created with the help of programming languages like Java scripts, HTML, or hp. Meanwhile, websites can be created with the help of CMS, just like WordPress or Shopify.

Fact: Since Google was made, there have been around 2 billion Webpages, a huge figure.

Website vs Webpage – Examples:

To reduce the chances of ambiguity here, we have a clearer example for you to better understand the difference between a website and vs webpage.

  1. Web Page example – homepage, contact us, blog, and products page; all these kinds of pages available on a website are referred to as a web page.
  2. Website example – there could be another better option if I told you some domain names.,, and all are these websites.

Website Vs WebPage – Key Differences

We have discussed in detail what a website and a webpage are. But how could it be if I told you the key differences between these two terms?

So, let’s get into it.

  1. A web page is independent, while a website is always linked to other pages.
  2. WebPages can have the same name or URL until they land on different documents. In contrast, a website must have a unique and other URL.
  3. An extension is used in a webpage like HTML, hp, or anything else, while a website doesn’t have them. They can be built using any software.
  4. The designing process of a webpage is competitively easy. At the same time, creating a website requires much more time, effort, skill, and knowledge.
  5. A webpage can be accessed through a specific URL, while a website can be accessed through a simple domain name.
key differences between a website and a webpage
Special thanks to Up tech for this amazing information chart.

Different Qualities Of A Website And Webpage

Qualities of a Website:

  1. It can be accessed under a single URL that can be copied or shared.
  2. A webpage is not very interactive.
  3. It always consumes less time to load and browse.

While understanding the concept of a website, keep in mind that under a website, there could be different webpages like a home page, contact us, or about us page.

Qualities of a Webpage:

  1. It can be accessed under a single URL that can be copied or shared.
  2. A webpage is not very interactive.
  3. It always consumes less time to load and browse.

Remember, a webpage’s maintenance and development process is always accessible.

A Trick to Remember the Difference

A Trick to Remember the Difference

If you are still confused between these two terms, don’t worry; we have a trick to help you better understand.

Have you ever read a book? So, to clearly state the website vs webpage, you can say a website and a webpage are the same, just like a book or a book chapter.

As in a book, most of the chapters are gathered in a single domain of a book. Right! The same goes for a webpage and a website. As you can say, the website is considered a book, and a webpage is a chapter or page. So, consider a website similar to a novel or book with multiple pages and chapters. Here chapters indicate the webpage.

FAQs About Website VS. WebPage

How many webpages can a website have?

There is no set or a specific range of pages that a website can have. For example, Wikipedia has more than 300 indexed pages. So, you may have hundreds of webpages or just a few, depending on the niche or need of your website.

Remember, the number of pages increases or decreases with time as you may continue to create or remove the content. Still, it will not affect the SEO of your website because quality matters over quantity.

Can a webpage exist without a website?

Yes, you can create a webpage without creating a website. In that case, it will be called a landing page which is an exquisite way to get leads about your business and to develop your online presence.

Are there any technical differences between building a website vs webpage?

Both a webpage and a website are slightly different, so the creation process will also differ. A webpage is a single-page document that can be accessed using a particular URL, but a website is a collection of different WebPages.

That’s why the creation process for a website vs webpage is that website mainly focuses on creating multiple webpages and structuring them in a way that interlinks or associates with the main page, which you can also achieve through a CMS.

A website typically involves creating a webpage using HTML, CSS or Java and making it an interactive page element.

Website vs Webpage – Which One To Choose

Well, we have listed the differences between both, and now it’s totally up to you what results you want to drive. To sum up, we must say a webpage is a single document, and a website is a collection of different webpages linked under a single domain. Both a website and a webpage are linked to the SERP and provide relevant information to the user.

Hope this guide has created some value for you. Do write in the comment section and contact us page if there is still something unanswered or un-cleared. We would love to answer there.

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