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How to Increase your Website Organic Traffic

How to Increase your Website Organic Traffic

One of the main challenges for Website Owners is Organic Traffic How to Increase the website’s Traffic Especially Organically. So today TIPsoont will try to make it very easy for you and You can grab more Clicks from Google search Results After this post.

There are two types of Website Optimization and Promotion Organic and Paid. Organic Promotion Is without Investment and paid as its name you have an investment to run an Add on Google to get views. Sometimes when you search for something on Google you can see that First Some websites will be there with the Tag of Add (In Green Colour) As shown In the image.

How to Increase your Website Organic Traffic in 8 easy steps

This is Paid promotion but organic is the opposite you don’t need to have an investment to market the website You just have a target and Suitable keyword and Google will show your website in search results If your Content is valuable then Google or any search engine prefers to show your Site to visitors to satisfy the visitors of search engine like google and Today we’ll discuss how to get Organic Traffic as much as possible.

The Ranking of a website is also known as SEO(Search engine optimization) a hot Service as A freelancer.

Organic Traffic Matters a lot because when a user searches a keyword with his intent then your website will be there and if your content provides value then the User will spend a lot of time on this and viewers will subscribe to your offer too. That’s why Organic Traffic is Preferable.

Now are Some ways to drive a website with organic traffic

1) Technical SEO For Organic Traffic

technical seo for organic traffic

The first Point is Technical SEO. This Concept is Related to the backend and server optimization. To make it clear I’ll mention Some Famous points The Sitemap of your Site is also a part of technical SEO you can See the Sitemap of TIPsoont here and to See the Site map of any Website you have to add the Sitemap.xml the URL Like (https://tipsoont.com/sitemap.xml).

Technical SEO and Its Parts help the search engine boot spiders crawl and index your site more effectively. This means you’ll tell to search engine what you have to crawl to make everything perfect and Easy.

we can say that technical SEO is a basic Part of making a website you can Rank the website without this but it’ll be for a Small time SO I highly recommend making this point first in website SEO and promotion.

niche selection to increase search traffic

2) Niche Selection to target Organic Traffic /Audience

Niche is equal to the topic while creating a website you have to select the niche to specify the website’s Topic If you cover Every topic trend etc then Your Competitors will a lot and Become Difficult to beat and Very difficult to rank. specify the Niche then your number of competitors will automatically reduce as Compared to the previous Scanrio and you can Beat them.

The second Positive Point in niche Selection is when you cover all the topics of a niche then google will mark you as a subject matter Expert and Automatically rank your Other keywords automatically because near to Google you are a subject matter expert and You can Satisfy the Visitors like TIPsoont’s Niche is Website everything will be related to website its TIPs So Select a niche and cover all the topics of the Niche.

3) Long Tail keywords can help to specify the Audience

Now Long-tail Keyword is a point of OnPage SEO and It plays an important role in SEO. Keyword Research is the main point to keep in mind while Ranking anything it could be a blog, Project Proposal, Fiverr’s Gig, etc The Main Game is Keyword research. If you Work on suitable keywords You can Rank Easily.

Long Tail keywords can help to specify the Audience

Long Tail Keywords mean Sometimes Your niche is well known in an Industry Like Online Earning If you target Just Online Earning you can’t secure a position in the top 10 Google Search because many upscaled websites already Exist on the keyword High High DA(Domain Authority).

You can Beat them as a New Blogger because of their position and COntent Coverage SO, the best Alternative is a long-tail Keyword you’ll add different words(Attributes) along the Keyword to rank easily. Like in the case Of Online Earning the long Tail keyword is 5 Best ways of Online Earning.

longtail keyword research for organic traffic

Normally Search Volume of Long-tail keywords will be low as compared to the main Keyword which is why websites with High DA will not prefer to target that’s why Here small websites can rank Easily and with time google or other search engines will automatically rank your website on different related keywords.

You have to search Such Keywords with a Minimum monthly traffic of 200 and KD(Keyword Difficulty) should be under 30 (in the green Area) and should with CPC(Cost per Click) you can Search all these characteristics of keywords Using the Tools given below.

If you want to use the free then you can use Google Keyword Planner and If you can invest in tools I’ll highly. recommend you go for MOZ and SEM Rush and for the middle one Ubbersuggest is good enough.


All tools are good and You have to open them one by one and Type to search but to get an Idea you can add Extensions In Chrome. With the help of these Extensions you just have to search keywords On Google the tool will automatically show massive Data of the keyword On the sidebar Automatically

increase monthly traffic to website

There are many Extensions And Ubbersuggest Chrome Extension is Also. an Option but I’ll highly Recommend the extensionWhatsmyserp due to its Optimization and Interface as Shown In Image

4) Quality Content to Get Organic Traffic

Content is the main pillar of your website and It plays an important role in the SEO of the website If your content adds value then Viewers will Like the Content and spend Maximum time on the same article and maybe the viewer will visit your Other Article and Search Engine Count this activity positive for website

You should post content with solutions to Problems and Make Someone’s life easy they’ll read your all posts and Promote your website for free and the Search engines will consider this traffic as the best Organic Traffic based on some keywords Search engines will Automatically rank your Other keywords also

After the Valuable content, another thing that matters a lot is the Formatting of content You have to place your content In a Specific way to make the look Better Like the addition of Images, Videos, Infographics, Size of Peragrah, Embedding of Stats Make the Content engaging and Easy to read. If your Content looks like a newspaper then A huge chance is here that viewers will pass your blog.

5) Inbound and outbound linking

The main Concept of on-page SEO is Linking You have to add Internal and External Links To a Blog and According to my Experience, It plays an important role in Organic Ranking. Let me Explain Inbound and Outbound Linking Briefly.

Inbound Linking

Sometimes You have to use some terms in the Article That you have already discussed in your Previous Articles in my Case Best Web Hosting Packages is a Point for this Article because Hosting plays an important role In the Speed of a website and the speed a website Plays an Important role In organic Ranking.

So I can’t Repeat the complete Article I’ll Attach the Link with Some Words You can read the complete Article By clicking on highlighted Words (In my case Font with Blue Colour) this Is an Inbound Link.

Outbound Linking

Same As Inbound if something is not done by you then You’ll attach the Link to an External website like Best Plugins for the website. Or it could be any Downloading link and Reference link for Stats, Affiliate Marketing, sponsor posts or appreciation, etc.

For SEO you have to add some Inbound and Outbound Links because Google counts them as positive So It’ll Help to grab Traffic Organically.

6) PLugins/Tools for Organic SEO

There are two amazing plugins For the WordPress website for SEO improvements Number 1 is Yoast which is the most Famous Plugin for SEO and 2nd One Is AISEO(All in One Search Engine Optimization) You can use one of them to make SEO Better. Both Plugins will provide Scores out of 100 with Do’s and Don’t and You can analyze easily Like In Image

use PLugins/Tools for Organic SEO

7) Use Schema Markup

Schema markup is one of the most important factor to increase the organic traffic of a website, with the help of schema markup search engines can easily understand the product or content on a website.

Schema markup can be implemented using different formats, with JSON-LD being the most recommended by Google for its ease of use and maintenance.

Here are some examples of schema markup using JSON-LD:

1. Local Business:


<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "https://schema.org",
  "@type": "LocalBusiness",
  "name": "My Business Name",
  "description": "A description of your business and what it offers.",
  "address": {
    "@type": "PostalAddress",
    "streetAddress": "123 Main Street",
    "addressLocality": "Anytown",
    "addressRegion": "CA",
    "postalCode": "12345",
    "addressCountry": "US"
  "telephone": "+15555551212",
  "openingHours": "Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00"

2. Recipe:


<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "https://schema.org",
  "@type": "Recipe",
  "name": "Chocolate Chip Cookies",
  "author": {
    "@type": "Person",
    "name": "Jane Doe"
  "image": "https://example.com/chocolate-chip-cookies.jpg",
  "description": "A delicious and easy recipe for homemade chocolate chip cookies.",
  "cookTime": "PT30M",
  "prepTime": "PT15M",
  "recipeIngredient": [
    "1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened",
    "1 cup granulated sugar",
    "1 cup packed light brown sugar",
    "2 large eggs",
    "2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract",
    "3 cups all-purpose flour",
    "1 teaspoon baking soda",
    "1 teaspoon salt",
    "2 cups semisweet chocolate chips"
  "instructions": "These are step by step instructions for making chocolate chip cookies."

8) Marketing for Organic promotion

After Publishing the Post You have to market the link on social media and Different Forums Like Quora etc. Social Media is also the main thing to push your website’s content. Social media can Promote Your post organically and pay both. Some Social Media are very effective in promoting Business-related Keywords like LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc Don’t forget the Importance of Social Media, especially Linkedin. Post Regularly on Social media to Promote your Content Like Fire.

The second main thing is to promote different Forums like Quora. Go to Quora search for Keywords related to your Keyword and Then Select Questions type the Answer under a question and Paste a link using this you can promote your article too.

So, Implement these strategies to Get More Traffic to the website.

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