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Nitropack vs Wp Rocket – What’s the Difference?

Nitropack vs Wp Rocket - What’s the Difference?

To meet the requirements of Goggle core web vitals, your crucial purpose should be to optimize the speed of your site. For this purpose, two essential plugins or tools are there to help you – Nitropack vs WP Rocket.

However, a beginner can quickly get confused while aiming to choose between both options.

Meanwhile, both are the best plugins with exquisite features and speed optimization opportunities. 

So, how would you choose between both?

Don’t worry; in today’s guide, we will deeply cover Nitropack vs WP rocket to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Let’s dig in. 

General Overview:

Nitropack is one of the best speed optimization plugins. What makes it the best choice is that it’s a free plugin that helps users optimize website speed according to Google guidelines. Moreover, it also provides analytics tracking opportunities. With it, you can easily track your website performance and make decisions to improve. Among all, Nitropack is one of the best suitable plugins for various CMS like Shopify or WordPress.

WP Rocket is a paid plugin, so many users may hesitate to get one. However, this plugin has robust features for website speed optimization. For example, magnifying various codes like javascript, CSS, or HTML with the lazy loading of images or videos will make the speed optimization process much easier and hassle-free. It has a user-friendly interface that provides a real-time performance interface to make quick decisions accordingly. Furthermore, WP Rocket has the most compatible service with various CMS plugins, like woocommerce or yoast vs rankmath. 

NitropackWP rocket
Free pluginPremium plugin
Founded in 2012Founded in 2013
Compatible with 99% of hostings and CMSAlso covers a wide variety of CMS
Around 160,000 sites use itMore than 3.6 million users
List of notable users includes Woocamp, smart bloggers, and many others.The users list includes Yoast, Neil Patel, BigCommerce, etc.
Opportunity add analytics in website to track Website performance.Also provides the fastest performance and analytics tracking.

Pros Comparison:

Comparing Nitropack vs WP Rocket also initiates a variety of pros and perks in both. 

Although you may find Nitropack a bit pricey, it truly serves the purpose of our testing. We also noticed that the core web vitals test was quickly passed while using Nitropack. Furthermore, it is the fastest plugin to offer you what you pay for.

On the contrary, WP Rocket is the ideal choice for many agency owners due to its maintained cost.  However, it would be better to consider it a cached plugin instead of a tool to improve speed performance. Meanwhile, compared to other cached plugins – WP Rocket stands out. 

NitropackWP Rocket 
is An effective tool to meet core web vitals requirements.Better to consider it as a cache plugin rather than speed optimization.
Easier navigations.Easy to use.
All you need to optimize the speed and performance is in it.Advanced features to customize settings.
Easy to deploy.Frequent updates to meet web vitals.
Suitable for Agency owners.Much More affordable for anyone.
Assistance in CWV and maintaining speed.Offers a complete coaching solution.
Fastest page load. Suitable for beginners, even web designers or developers.

Cons Comparison:

Like any other tool or plugin available, Nitropack and WP Rocket both have disadvantages. 

For example, you can not use Nitropack on multiple sites, and if you have purchased a package, it will remain suitable for a single site only. However, the support system of Nitropack is also not up to the mark.

Conversely, WP Rocket doesn’t have a CDN. Either way, it can not be a better option to optimize images. However, it can perform approximately all the tasks that a Nitropack can. 

NitropackWP Rocket 
Poor Support System.It has few alternates in the market.
Bit costly.Only a cache plugin. 
We have often faced the issue of serve down.Some speed optimization features might be missing.
Not suitable if you are an advanced user and need more control.

Ease of Use:

Nitropack offers easy access to its account. All you need is to log in Nitropack website and select the package to continue. However, you can even select the free version to start. After completing the registration process, your domain and connect your blog with Nitropack using a connector plugin. That’s it! After that, you will see all the customization at the bottom of the page. However, if you want to add more, you can easily do so by accessing the settings section.

On the other hand, WP Rocket is a paid plugin. So, to access the features, you must have to purchase a package and register your account. After that, you will receive a zip file to download to your website to activate the plugin. However, WP Rocket usually performs 80% of speed optimization settings by default according to the site requirement. Conversely, you can also do so manually. So, if you want to improve your website performance with WP Rocket, you only need to attach the plugin to the site; the rest of WP Rocket will perform the process. 

NitropackWP Rocket
Free signup to start.Needs to purchase a package.
More straightforward navigation and hassle-free process to initiate speed optimization.You have to install and activate the plugin manually.
Access to needed customization from settings.Easier access to all customization on the dashboard.
Speed settings are available at the bottom.80% of customization is done automatically.

Support System:

There is no difference between the support system of Nitropack and WP rocket. Both have similar options. 

However, Nitropack doesn’t provide any kind of live chat support or priority support to resolve issues. Due to the higher prices of Nitropack, it must be included in it. One of the most significant drawbacks of Nitropack is its inadequate support system, which should be improved.

On the contrary, WP rocket keeps improving, and the support has evolved over the years. In other words, we must say the improved support system is one of the best achievements of WP Rocket. However, you will also get an invitation from the WP Rocket support team to join a community to get the answers to all of your concerns from experts. 

NitropackWP Rocket
Inadequate support compared to prices.Improve the support system.
Doesn’t prove live chat support.Live chat support system to resolve concerns instantly.
Community support.


Comparing the price section of Nitropack Vs WP Rocket – we must say WP Rocket is affordable in many ways. 

You can also use WP Rocket on multiple sites depending on the package. However, Nitropack doesn’t offer the opportunity to use plugins on multiple sites – it doesn’t matter which package you purchase. 

Here is what you pay for Nitropack.

  1. Business – $17.50/month (50,000 pageviews/month)
  2. Growth – $42.50/month (200,000 pageviews/month)
  3. Scale – 146.67/month  (1,000,000 pageviews/month)

Here is what you pay for WP Rocket.

  1. Single Site Licence – $59/year
  2. Three websites License – $119/year
  3. Unlimited websites License – $299/year

So, in the pricing concern, WP Rocket has a clear edge over Nitropack.

NitropackWP Rocket
3 kinds of packages.Three plans to choose from.
Pricing starts from $17 to $146/month.Pricing starts from $59 and ends at $299 per year.
Depending on your chosen plan, it includes 50,000 to 1,00,000 page views per month.Pricing plans have single, three, or multiple site licenses.
Suitable for 1,2 site owners to maintain cost.It is an ideal plan for agencies.
Ability to create a custom plan by connecting the support.Have to choose from the available plans.

Nitropack Vs WP Rocket – Bottom Line:

So, comparing Nitropack Vs WP Rocket – both are effective SEO and speed optimization tools.

However, it would be better not to consider WP Rocket as a full flash assistant for speed optimization. That’s why before you consider purchasing, you must know that WP Rocket is a cache plugin that also serves a bit to optimize the speed, especially if you are an advanced web designer. 

Meanwhile, if you asked us to choose between the Nitropack and WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is our take as an agency owner and an experienced web developer. However, you can also go for Nitropack if you need a complete flash and tool to improve your site speed.

If you have any more concerns – do write in the comment section. We would love to be there.

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