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What is External Link: Top 8 Reasons for Using External Links

8 Top Reasons for which an External Link used for

Most of the time, beginners do not give importance to external linking, or they might get confused about which purpose the external link used for.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t want to regret it later on, read our quick guide on for which purpose external links are used and their importance.

Let’s get a straight dive into it.

What is Backlinks

These are the links that point out your website from other websites. Backlinks are one of the top SEO ranking factors that make a strong signal for search engines whenever a legit or authoritative website links to your website which shows trustworthiness. You can not control the backlinks, but you can create high-quality content for what people are searching for and that’s where these websites link to your website.

all about exrenal backlinks

What is an External Link?

Here is the first come. First, an external link which is commonly known as an outbound link means redirecting a specific page to a different URL

For example;

  • If you are reading any article and a reference is given in it, which redirects to a specific changed URL; here it is: Importance of backlinking if you click on the blue text you can read another article by a different website

It means if a link goes away from your site to another, it will be referred to as an External link. So, what did you get? A clear difference in the site URL.

Here is what an external link looks like

 <a href=”http://www.domain.com/“>Your text (anchor text) goes here</a>

External Links vs Internal Links

Internal and external links are both important for SEO, but they serve different purposes:

Internal Links

These are the links that link one page of your website to another page of your own website which are related and could be helpful for users. With these links, the users can easily navigate from one page to another. Internal linking also helps search engines to understand the structure of your website and understanding the relationship between different pages.

So search engines can easily navigate and save its limited crawl budget to index your site in a better way.

External Links

These links point out pages of a different website or a domain that is relatable and helpful for users. external links simply used to add some extra informational resources for users, or simply link to interesting and helpful content.

These are hyperlinks on your website that point to pages on a different domain (website). External links can be used to cite sources, provide additional information to users, or simply link to interesting and relevant content.

In short, internal links help you organize your website and improve user experience, while backlinks from high-authority websites can boost your SEO ranking.

An External Link is used for?

At first, it might seem useless, and you might wonder, How could I?

No, you’re mistaken, and of course, you understand this dilemma but are not clear about it. That’s why you landed here.

So, let’s discuss for which purpose external links are used.

  1. Whenever you want to show your reader that you are not an expert in this field, you have got the data from there you can also read it.
  2. Most importantly, quoting data or arguments will increase the user’s trustworthiness.
  3. Of course, if you are using third-party content, how can you forget to mention them?
  4. One of the primary reasons you don’t want to forget is that an external link builds a relationship with other site owners and will ultimately expand your audience.
  5. An external link is used to show the reader that you care about him, and in this way, you are creating your value.
  6. An external link will play an essential role in the organic results. Yep, it will help you to improve site results.
  7. It would be proof that you have quality content.
  8. will ultimately benefit from influencing SEO

Good to Know; remember there is a massive difference between being referred to and referencing someone.

Precautions of a Good External Link

Nowadays, it’s a common myth that an external link will hurt your ranking; no, they aren’t, but if you misuse it, it could hurt your site.

So, before doing any external linking to your site, let’s find out some precautions of an excellent external link

  1. An external link should always be relevant; irrelevant links will hurt your SEO and ranking.
  2. If someone is referring to your blog, it will ultimately help you increase the DA (Domain Authority).
  3. Always use an anchor text wisely as it can perform wonders for your site; never create an irrelevant Anchor text.

Tip; Only link to a reputable source by keeping the user experience in mind, as it will help you to increase DA.

To Up-Wrap; External Links are Used for

External links are highly beneficial as they create trustworthiness in the reader’s mind.

But remember;

  1. There are two types of external links; no follow and do follow
  2. No, follow links – gives a signal to the crawler that he will not follow that link
  3. Do follow links – give a call to the crawler so that he can follow this specific link
  4. Avoid spam links as they will hurt your site.

Details about NO Follow and DO Follow are here

When you will click on the Linking buttons in the WordPress post editor this pop-up will appear so you can see 2 central options about No follow and Do follow.

why External Linka important

Excessive use of no-follow or do-follow linking is not a good practice. So, try to be relevant and balanced. And by keeping these considerations in mind, you will get an ultimate boom in this digital world.

I hope this guide has created some value in yours;

The team tipsoont with their Contact Us page is waiting for your queries and suggestions.

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