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Generatepress Vs Neve – Which One is a Better Choice of 2023

Generatepress Vs Neve - Which One is a Better Choice of 2023

Where technology keeps improving, the importance of providing the best experience to users has also increased. The same goes with creating a website; whether you are creating eCommerce, blog, service, or any other type of website, you can’t deny the importance of choosing a lightweight, customized, and versatile theme. In this regard, many themes are popular, but in today’s guide, we will discuss and review the detailed comparison of Generatepress Vs Neve.

So, if you are confused about which one to pick between Generatepress Vs Neve, you must read until the end to find the answer. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Generatepress Vs Neve – Quick Overview:

For better understanding before we dig into the detailed comparison between these two WordPress themes – Generatepress Vs Neve. Let’s quickly look at both themes and know how they work.

Generatepress is a widely used WordPress theme with an average number of active users of 60000. This theme is so popular because it’s a highly customizable theme with an easy interface. Furthermore, it is a fermium theme with both free and premium versions. It’s an ideal theme for anyone looking for a light, fast-speed, and largely customizable WordPress theme, which is surprisingly quick and easy.

Neve is another popular WordPress theme with an active installation of around 100,000. It was presented by Themeisle, a popular company with a stunning portfolio in creating the most Installed WordPress Products. So, no wonder it has such a huge number of installations around the globe. Furthermore, it is also a fermium theme with both premium and free versions. It is, undoubtedly, a quick theme that can work with well-known page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, and others so that you can create a WordPress website without compromising the design quality.

Generatepress Vs Neve – Key Feature Comparison: 

Here are some of the key features offered by Generatepress and Neve. So, let’s compare them and find what differentiates them and make them a better choice.

Speed insights:

It is well known that one of the key factors that affect website performance and user experience include speed. That’s why the first key feature to look at while comparing Generatepress Vs Neve is how lightweight and quickly they load. So, we have experienced both themes on websites with a well-known cache plugin WP-Rocket, and it’s no wonder that the best cache plugin can help you to immediately boost the speed performance. And as a result, we conclude that Neve uses JQuery instead of JavaScript, which is why it has a size of just 28KB, making it a lightweight theme choice. Meanwhile, Generatepress is also a lightweight theme with a 30KB size. But it has used Vanilla JavaScript instead of JQuery, which helped avoid issues like render blocking. Furthermore, with these KB’s website with the Generatepress theme took 0.6 seconds to load, and Neve took 0.4ms to load.

Winner: Keeping our experience and these values in mind, we must say Never is a more lightweight, super quick WordPress theme that has undoubtedly outranked the various other themes due to its affordability.  

Premade template sites:

A premade site with an option to import the complete site is undoubtedly a great feature, especially for any beginner website designer just starting the journey. In this regard, Generatepress and Neve offer their users a variety of pre-made templates known as start sites. As Neve supports more page builders, the number of template sites is greater than Generatepress, where Generatepress offers 60 starter sites but has more than 4x this figure. With all these start sites, you can just load a premade template from the site library section and start customizing it with the help of a supporting page builder.

Winner: In a nutshell, both support various demo or starter sites, but the number of premade templates provided by Neve is far more than Generatepress.

E-Commerce applications:

To make your websites look more appealing and gain a better CTA, an e-commerce website must need more customization than a blog or service website. You must choose a theme that offers more customization over commerce sites. No worries, Generatepress and Neve offer you WooCommerce integrations to easily customize the site layout, product images, reviews, titles, payment checkouts, and much more. So, using Generatepress or Neve Premium versions will let you customize it easily and simply with the help of a plugin to increase your turnover.

Winner: Generatepress Vs Neve offers extra options for Ecommerce store optimization with the help of WooCommerce booster and plugin.

Supporting page builders:

We all know how important a page builder is, where a page builder is just a plugin or tool that lets you create stunning websites without any coding. It helps a user create, edit, and customize a theme and create a custom website layout without knowing how to code and with a simple drag and drop at the backend. That’s why the importance of how many page builders Generatepress or Neve support has drastically increased. So, Neve supports a wide range of 7-page builders comprising Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin. Meanwhile, Generatepress supports the two popular page builders, Elementor and Beaver.

Winner: Undoubtedly, this number of page builders has given a leading edge to Never over Generatepress.

Fermium versions:

Although Generatepress and Neve offer free versions, it’s notable that every free version has limitations and flaws. The same goes for these two themes, where they consistently offer a wide range of site customization and optimization in a free version, but you still need to purchase the premium plugin to enjoy all the benefits to the fullest. For example, Neve Free doesn’t offer the blog, header, and WooCommerce booster features to customize the layouts. However, the Elementor booster and scroll-to-top feature will also not be available. Meanwhile, Generatepress free Vs. premium versions also have some restrictions where the blog, colors, typography, fonts, and elements customization remain at the top.

Winner: Both offer customizations, but on the limited side, you must purchase the premium ones to enjoy the exclusive benefits.

Pricing & Licensing:

The pricing highly affects the decision of choosing a theme between these two. Neve price section offers 3 various price sections with compatibility of using the theme on unlimited sites. For a starter or personal website, the $59 package is suitable, but if you want to create a business website, then choosing the business plan would be the best bet. Furthermore, the premium pricing plans of Generatepress include a $49 package with an opportunity to use unlimited websites. However, you will also get a 40% discount each year on its renewal.

Winner: Comparing the price section of Generatepress Vs Neve it’s well known that Neve is a slightly inexpensive choice compared to Generatepress with the additional feature of using it on unlimited sites.

Ease of use:

Comparing the ease of use while deciding between Generatepress Vs Neve is essential, so you won’t face any hassle while using it, despite being a beginner or even a pro. To use both of these themes, you must install and activate the free versions, and the one you receive from a premium plan will be a plugin. All you need is to install and activate that plugin in your plugin folder and start gaining the benefits of a premium version.

Winner: Both provide hassle-free installation with a premium plugin to enjoy excellent benefits.

To Conclude – Generatepress Vs Neve:

To conclude today’s comparison discussion of Generatepress Vs Neve, we must say both are highly customizable, lightweight, super fast WordPress themes and are widely used by many users worldwide. Generatepress remains the best WordPress theme which is well-streamed with a balanced yearly price tag. Meanwhile, Neve offers the same accessible and easy-to-use customizations with quality support and demos. However, the number of sites where you can use could make the difference between these two well-renowned themes. Where it’s worth mentioning that a premium plan of Generatepress can only be used for up to 500 sites, but Neve can be used on unlimited sites. 

This might also be why Neve remains a popular choice over Generatepress, with active installations of 100,000.

So, it doesn’t matter which one you choose; just analyze your needs to make the best out of your money. Don’t forget to write in the comment section which theme you have tried so far or are willing to try and why. We would love to hear from you.

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