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What is ThemeForest and How to use it as a web Designer?

What is ThemeForest and How to use it as a web Designer?

ThemeForest is a fantastic place for website designers and developers and is very useful in designing a website. You can Sell and Purchase them and Templates for the website Today we’ll Discuss briefly what it is ThemeForest and How we can enjoy it.

Theme forest is Part of the Envato Market. Envato is the Top Market for Digital Assets. You can Buy and sell Different Assets you can use In Digital Media Like Licensed Images, HTML Templates, and Famous CMS-related assets like themes for WordPress Joomla, etc. Envato is one of the top Markets with 20.70M Monthly Visitors according to Similar Web.

In the Envato Market, you can purchase the Subscriptions by clicking here. In these Subscriptions, you can purchase Millions of creative digital assets, 50M+ additional stock photos, Reality music, HTML CSS Templates, and products related to famous CMS like WordPress Joomla, etc.

ThemeForest is one of the favorite parts of Envato Market and is very famous for the WordPress website’s themes.

Like our apparel themes also play an important role in our Website if you have an E-commerce store your shop will look attractive and easy to navigate with the help of a professional theme and the same as other websites like Personal websites, Portfolio websites Portal, etc So the Creation of first impression Is Depend on the theme of your website. And for the selling and Purchasing of themes ThemeForest is Top notch Marketplace a part of Envato.

You can purchase a WordPress theme and HTML CSS template as well and you can sell your Developments here also very Reasonable prices.

Why Themeforest

HI. Now we’ll discuss some Important points as benefits of Theme Forest we know we can use a lot more Options but why I am here to recommend ThemeForest, As we now have a lot of free options In the directory of WordPress. Still, there are some limitations in themes Like Responsive Design, etc.So to cover these Drawbacks of free themes designers normally prefer to purchase a theme with Full-fledged Options and All Premiums.

The main issue is the mobile responsiveness of themes Maximum themes and 100% mobile Responsive and we know there is a Handsome number of visitors using mobile phones to read the articles be like You.

There are a lot of choices in Theme Forest for themes so you can Select themes according to your priorities and there are almost 40K plus themes with premium options you can use on your website. So, it is a Positive corner where you can find a lot of choices under a roof

All the websites’ themes are placed in a very organized manner You can use Different categories and Filters to find the best one and the prices start from 9$ just.

Themeforest licensing

As we know Theme Forest is a commercial Market so there are two types of licenses Regular License and Extended Here we’ll discuss How the licensees Works

Regular vs Extended License

A Regular License gives the buyer “a progressing, non-elite, overall permit to utilize the computerized work”. With a Regular License, you’re permitted to make a solitary End Product for yourself or your client (in which case the permit will be moved to your client). You’re permitted to make duplicates of the single End Product, for however long it is circulated for nothing. You’re likewise permitted to adjust and control the thing. For example, to change the subject’s design and incorporate your pictures, you can thoroughly pull out all the stops.

This is the very thing that you can’t do under a Regular License: You can’t offer the finished result to more than one client. On the off chance that you mean to do this with a subject, you want to buy an Extended License, which gives you the option to sell different duplicates of a solitary finished result.

All things considered, the Extended License has a few restrictions. Among others, you’re not permitted to “rearrange the Item as stock, in a device or layout, or with source records.”

How to navigate the Theme Forest Market

As we discussed It is very easy to navigate because Envato Sort Million if the things in Proper Arrangements eg in Categories and Subcategories.

Just land on Theme Forest by clicking here and You can See the categories at the Top Select a desired category and Select the micro-level of requirements in the Dropdown Method

If I want Education-related content under WordPress I can Easily click On education and Here you can see that there are many categories and Sub Categories and Millions of options for you that’s WHy Themeforest Is one of the top Market

After clicking on desired Option (Education) New Page Appears with themes On the left Sidebar a lot of filters to make the path easy will also be available you can set Up price CMS etc.

You can select a theme or watch a Live preview by clicking on the Prominent Theme or can Add it to the cart

How to Analyze a Theme?

As we discussed how to navigate the ThemeForest We have selected a theme but before purchasing a theme we should check all aspects to take a better decision here are some points should keep in mind before the payment process.

To finalize the theme you should have a requirement list you want. Just list down the nature of the theme and basic requirements like colors page content type, Intent, etc to find the perfect match for the website. You can check all these points using a live preview and from the description of the theme mentioned at ThemeForest

Then check out the reviews available in the top tabs of the theme with the help of reviews you can check the views of users after using this so it can give you proper ideas about the theme with Pros and Cons. we can say Themeforest has a discussion section, which contains comments and questions from users.

PRO TIP: Your Theme should be Responsive for all devices because mobile users are around 50% plus and Continuously increasing.

check the Sidebar When you’ll open any theme you can see the Badges Rating and Some Very useful information about the theme.

How to Purchase Theme from Themeforest?

After satisfaction now we are going to purchase a theme just click on add to cart and a pop-up will appear then click on check out to proceed.

Then fill up the normal details in three sections first create an account or sign in the second part fill up the billing details and in the Last and Third steps just select a payment method.

After order completion, a File will be given to you and you can Easily Upload it on the website sometimes You have to attach a Licence or product key also but the procedure will be the same for both.

ThemeForest Free WordPress Themes

A common question is can we get ThemeForest premium themes for free? So here is a surprise for you! “BIGG YES” you can download a variety of WordPress themes which are offering both free and premium themes that are suitable according to the nature of the website design project.

If you wanna Download Free WordPress themes let’s get on the next stop.

The Refund Policy of Envato Theme Forest

To request a refund, log in to your Envato account and head to the Refund Request Page

Since Themeforest is part of Envato, its refund policy follows the one of its parent company. According to Envato, authors are expected to provide a refund  if:

The theme isn’t working the way that it should or it’s not working as described.

This is when the theme has bugs that the author can’t fix or if it is “materially different” from what’s depicted in the item description or preview.

There are security issues

If a theme has a security vulnerability that can’t be fixed, Envato expects the author to refund you for the purchase. 

You don’t get the support you need.

In this situation, the author doesn’t follow the item support policy described above.

You haven’t downloaded the theme. 

You can get a refund if you haven’t downloaded your theme files within 3 months or purchased them. You’ll need to send the author your purchase code to verify that you haven’t downloaded the theme yet. 

Note that these authors are NOT required to issue refunds for the following situations:

  1. You changed your mind 
  2. You purchased a theme by mistake 
  3. You don’t have the technical expertise to use the item 
  4. You can’t provide enough information as to why you’re entitled to a refund

The Alternative of Envato Theme Forest

Sometimes you want some Alternatives to check the price and options Variations depend on the Budget SO Here are 2 Best Alternatives of theme Forests here

1 CreativeMarket

2 MOJO Marketplace

If you want to read the complete guide like this for these alternatives just write it down in the comment.

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