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Don’t Use WordPress Nulled Plugins? | Here is why

Nulled Plugins can Damage Your Site

Have you ever heard of not using WordPress nulled plugins? But why, nobody would tell you this. So, here we are to say to you with a detailed guide.

It’s human psychology that they love discounts, but you shouldn’t prefer it when it comes to your website security and health. It’s not a good option; instead of looking for reasons or ways to save money, we recommend spending some money. It would be worth it!

Want to know why? Let’s find out the top 5 reasons you should avoid using WordPress nulled plugins.

What are Nulled Plugins?

For a clear understanding, let us first explain the WordPress nulled plugins and for which purpose people use them.

As you all know, specific plugins or themes are required for a WordPress website to run efficiently. Some of them are free, and some of them are available with premium or fermium versions. With a fermium version, SEOs or developers could quickly try any of the plugins and decide whether they should buy a plugin. But when it comes to the premium version, they often find some alternatives. Here the WordPress nulled plugins come up with a solution.

  • Some people would undoubtedly hack some of the plugins and put them somewhere on any other site where without any license, people can download and use them on multiple spots for free. These are commonly known as nulled or pirated plugins.

But wait! Should you use it because nothing comes for free in life, so what else are they getting in return? No, it would be best if you didn’t use it as they offer you for free, but it would severely affect your site. So, without further ado, let’s find out the top 5 reasons you should avoid using WordPress nulled plugins.

Why Not Use WordPress Nulled Plugins:

If someone is offering you something for free, it doesn’t mean it’s free because they would surely get something in return. So, what pirated plugin owners are getting in return, how do they affect your site, and why do we recommend not using it? Stick with us till the end to find the answer to all these concerns.

1- Completely illegal:

Hackers make nulled plugins, and for sure, they would be illegal. If that company caught you using it, they could take legal action against you. You can get a penalty. Even worse can happen to you if you can lose your site too.

As a developer, think of someone using your paid theme or plugin for free as a pirated version. Would you like it? No, you won’t, and in return, you will try to take any legal action against them. A developer would definitely claim just because you are using a pirated version of their paid version.

So, in short, anything which is stolen is illegal!

2- No regular updates:

Another drawback you should avoid using WordPress’s nulled plugin is the unavailability of updates.

As we all know, every WordPress plugin or theme developer keeps upgrading their product features or versions to provide a better user experience. If you use a legal and premium version, they will let you know whenever a new update is available, but with a nulled plugin, you won’t get this facility.

It wouldn’t be worth it if you were not getting the main benefit from a product or feature. You don’t want to deprive yourself of getting this main benefit of getting an even better version of it. Do you?

So, as your WordPress nulled plugin is not compatible enough with regular updates, we recommend not using it.

3- No access from support:

If you are a beginner, this would be your biggest problem: you wouldn’t get any support from developers.

Of course, how would you get it when you have not purchased it from them? Still, documentation or different guides will be available online to help you, but this wouldn’t be enough. Mainly if you are not familiar with any coding, you will regret not having a support system available.  

On the other hand, if you use the premium version and pay the developer its cost, you will get support from him. Moreover, since you are getting a paid version, the company itself would benefit, so they would love to help you with any problem.

4- Security threats on your site:

Of course, hackers are doing this not only for you, but they will also get the benefit in return. Most of the time, they would inject secret code into that theme or plugin, and whenever you use it, the code gets activated, injuring your site.

For example, they could set some codes into it and publish their ads to your website, or they could redirect the ads to their own site, preferably on your website. Moreover, the risk of getting hacked is also there.

Nobody can detect which codes they have used in it except a developer, which is a red flag for you being a non-developer. Still, you can use particular virus-detecting tools to help you, but they are not very powerful.

So, with all these risks, do you still want to inject yourself with these security threats? No, you don’t want to put your site in the worst position. That’sThat’s why you should not use nulled or pirated versions of plugins or themes.

5- Affect SEO performance:

The last but not most minor reason to avoid WordPress nulled plugins is the risk of losing your SEO efforts.  

Worse hackers could do with your site is to add some spammy links to the site. Yes, they could, which is a red flag for your site. It would also decrease the DA of the site

Moreover, always some scripts or coding would run in the background, which would be a cause to slow down the speed.

Having all these risk factors on your site means you are losing many chances to rank higher on Google because SEO of WordPress is the main Pillar to get more Visitors.

So, Should You Try WordPress Nulled Plugins?

To conclude, many free plugins are available, and we recommend using them as an alternative. Don’t roam around. If you can’t afford it, free themes or plugins could be the best option; nulled or pirated versions couldn’t.

In some instances, there is always an exception to this rule that you should not use WordPress nulled plugins. For example, if you are a freelancer, you might want to try any plugin to check if it would work for your client site. You may want to try it for fewer days, and if it works, you will buy it.

So, some plugins don’t offer a premium version, so to try the results or features of that plugin or theme, you can get the pirated version, but once you are satisfied, I recommend buying it right away.

We must say that you may face severe consequences if you still use pirated plugins or themes.

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