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How Much Does a Self Employed Handyman Make?

How Much Does a Self Employed Handyman Make

Being your own boss as a handyman sounds pretty sweet, right? Freedom, flexibility, fixing things all day – what’s not to love? But before you swap your office chair for a toolbox, you might wonder how much a self-employed handyman makes?

Well, there’s no straight answer – it’s like a big puzzle with lots of pieces that affect your paycheck. Here’s the breakdown:

Self Employed Handyman guide to earning

Location: City folks usually charge more than folks in smaller towns. Think about what people in your area are willing to pay.

Experience: The more skilled you are, the more you can charge. Practice your craft, specialize in some areas, and show off your knowledge!

What you fix: Fixing a leaky faucet is different from rewiring a whole house. Offer different services with different prices based on how hard they are.

Hourly or project rates: Do you like knowing what you’ll earn each hour, or taking a chance on bigger projects that could pay more? Choose wisely!

Business costs: Tools, marketing, taxes – they all add up. Be smart with your money and advertise strategically to increase your profits.

The Numbers Game

On average, handymen in the US make around $25 per hour, with some making way more and others taking home less. So, you could earn anywhere from $53,000 to $120,000 a year depending on how much you work and how much you charge.

But remember, these are just averages! Your numbers might be different.

Estimated Annual Income for Handyman in the US (by state)

Earn More Tips

  1. Be the best: Do great work, be trustworthy, and get happy customers to recommend you. A good reputation means people will pay more.
  2. Get your name out there: Network with other businesses, tell people in your community you’re open for work, and use social media to show off your skills.
  3. Offer more: Can you do specialty repairs, renovations, or maintenance contracts? More options mean more customers and more money.
  4. Keep learning: Take workshops, get certified, or learn new things online. Being an expert can open doors to higher-paying jobs.
Beyond the Money

Beyond the Money

Being a handyman isn’t just about the cash. You also get:

  1. Be your own boss: Set your hours, choose your projects, and be in charge of your own career path. Freedom at its finest!
  2. Variety and challenge: Every day is different! Fix different things, solve problems, and see the happy faces of people whose homes you’ve improved.
  3. Building relationships: Get to know your clients, build trust, and see the real difference your work makes in their lives.

It’s Your Adventure

Remember, being a successful handyman takes hard work, planning, and some business smarts. The numbers give you a starting point, but your story is written by your skills, your hustle, and your passion for building something great. So grab your toolbox, unleash your talent, and start your adventure!

This revised version simplifies the language, avoiding technical jargon and using shorter sentences and simpler vocabulary. It focuses on key points and uses relatable examples to keep the reader engaged.

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