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Top 5 tricks to consider before developing website content

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You might hear a lot that website content is king, Right? So, what does it mean, and is your content really a king? Simply speaking, interesting content which appeals to the reader’s needs will be considered a content king.

And to simply understand if your content really is king or not, you need to consider these top 5 things while developing your website content.

Whether you have a business website or blog site or whatever the purpose is you can’t ignore them. So, let’s have a detailed look at it.

What Should You Consider When Developing Website Content?

Well, it’s entirely fair to have some knowledge of these 5 basic considerations before developing great content. Because if you are just focusing on writing content for your website without knowing the reason and purpose behind it; you are creating a mess.

Well, you don’t want to do this, that’s why you have searched for it. So, let us tell you the top 5 things you need to consider for quality content.

  • Remember EAT concept
  • Create a content plan
  • Examine the 5 W’s
  • Never ignore readability
  • Make it SEO friendly

1-     EAT concept:

The first ever thing you need to consider is that while creating your site content you should keep in mind the EAT concept. So, what does it mean?

Simply EAT stands for the Expert, Authority, and Trustworthiness which means a writer must have the capability to show that they are an expert and have authority and knowledge with the trustworthiness to write on this topic.

Basically, the EAT concept was launched in 2016 in a Google update, and later on, which turned into a major writing factor.

So, nobody can ignore this as it could be the first step towards quality content.

2-     Create a Content Plan:

Well, if you are a site owner and don’t have any content strategy you might not be able to keep yourself up to date and on track.

Because content strategy is simply a record of which keyword you are going to write, when you will publish and what will be the marketing channel.

Having a proper content strategy could perform wonders for your site. And if you don’t have any proper knowledge of it just check out our latest blog on content plans. Here we have also provided you with a bonus template of Content strategy, just create a copy of that content and start rocking with an amazing content plan.

For more, you can read an Amazing Peragragh by Being guru What works best for good blog viewership?

3-     Examine the 5 W’s 1H:

Well, without knowing the 5 W’s 1H you can’t even take a step towards quality content. Want to know what those 5 W’s 1H are?

Simply 5 W 1H means to understand What, Where, Why, Who, When, and How the readers need that information. And the answer to these 5 basic W’s will lead you to the best of the best topics with an excellent content experience for your reader.

4-     Never ignore readability:

Ignoring a readability score of your site is just like ignoring the capability, and a literacy rate of your targeted audience.

Sometimes the site owners might ignore this part because they are not well aware of the importance of a readability score.

Let’s say, you are creating content without knowing who is your targeted audience, what age they have. Now, tell us what you would expect next. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to produce quality and competitive content because you didn’t even know the audience’s needs.

5-     Make it SEO friendly:

Last but not least, you must understand how to make your content SEO friendly. And of course, since we are talking about quality content how you would forget to follow the Google guidelines.

SEO-optimized content means simply avoiding keyword stuffing or any black hat SEO technique because it can be a cause to get penalized by Google. After SEO of content, you’ll get Organic Traffic from SERP and for a Blog, it matters a lot

So, start considering the SEO-friendly content and start rocking in the world of millions of websites from now onwards.

Bonus Tips  Before Creating Content:

Since we have enough discussion on the consideration, what about we would share some tips?

These 5 tips would help you to create quality content and to stand out from the crowd. So, without further ado let’s have a look at it.

  • First of all, you need to make your content scan able. Because in today’s fast world nobody is going to read your content completely. That’s why you need to create ease for your reader as much as possible. You can simply achieve this by adding some bullet points, headings, subheadings, etc.
  • The next tip is; that while creating content for your site, stick to voice or tone. Whatever your content tone is either formal or formal you need to stick to it till the end.
  • Try to write in short and simple sentences with a clear concise tone.
  • Well, you must diversify your content, don’t stick to the written content only because the other content types like audio, video, or infographics are equally important. Just understand the audience’s needs and you will be able to create quality content.

Sounds fair enough! Let’s move on to our final verdict of this quick guide.

Final Verdict; What Should you Consider when Developing Your Website Content

In short, if a reader is visiting your site he must be in a need to get some solution, and being a site now it’s your job to provide perfect quality.

So, if you are spending time writing 100’s of blogs without adding value to them; Trust us it will be useless because you wouldn’t be able to engage your reader anymore.

That’s it for today, if there is anything you want to add here, write it down in the comment section. We would love to hear from your side.

Till Next! 

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