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How to Get a CVS Card: Your Guide to Rewards and Savings

How to Get a CVS Card: Your Guide to Rewards and Savings

Ever walk out of CVS feeling like you could have saved more? want to know how to get a CVS card? Well, fret no more! The secret to unlocking a treasure trove of discounts and rewards lies in a little red plastic friend: the CVS ExtraCare® card.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about this magical money-saving tool, from how to get a CVS card to maximizing your rewards like a pro. So, put on your shopping hat and get ready to dive into the world of CVS savings!

What is a CVS Card?

The CVS ExtraCare® card is a free loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points (called ExtraBucks Rewards®) on eligible purchases across all CVS stores and online. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, making it a valuable tool for savvy shoppers.

Where to Get Your CVS Card

Here are 4 ways how to get a CVS Card follow these simple ways to get your Today!

4 ways how to get a CVS Card

1. In-Store:

Feeling spontaneous? Head to your nearest CVS and request a free card at the checkout counter. The friendly cashier will happily provide you with one and ask for some basic information like your name and phone number. Remember, it’s always free!

2. Online:

Feeling tech-savvy? Head to the CVS website and fill out the simple online form. Choose your preferred method of receiving your card: digital for instant access or physical for a tangible reminder.

3. Mobile App:

Feeling mobile-minded? Download the free CVS Pharmacy® app on your smartphone and navigate to the “ExtraCare” section. Sign up for a brand new card or link your existing one for seamless savings on the go.

4. Text Message:

Feeling quick and easy? Text “APP” to 898-287 and automatically download the CVS Pharmacy® app, instantly acquiring a digital ExtraCare card. It’s that simple!

Boosting Your Savings with ExtraCare

Boosting Your Savings with ExtraCare

1. Earn ExtraBucks Rewards®:

With every eligible purchase, you’ll earn points called ExtraBucks Rewards®. Think of them like magic shopping tokens! These points accumulate and can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, making your wallet dance with joy.

2. Personalized Offers:

Create a account to unlock a treasure trove of personalized offers and coupons tailored to your shopping habits. Imagine, discounts on your favorite products just waiting to be discovered!

3. Free Prescription Delivery:

Upgrading to ExtraCare Plus™ for a small monthly or annual fee unlocks even more perks, including free prescription delivery straight to your door. Convenience and savings? Yes, please!

4. Bonus Rewards:

Keep an eye out for special promotions and bonus rewards opportunities. CVS frequently offers extra points for signing up, completing specific actions, or during seasonal events. Maximize those savings!

Tips & Tricks for Savvy Shoppers

Here are some tips and tricks for savvy shoppers to maximize your CVS Card benefits!

1. Link Your Pharmacy Rewards:

If you have prescriptions, link your ExtraCare card to your pharmacy rewards program for double the savings! It’s like a savings party for your health and wallet.

2. Clip Digital Coupons:

Browse the weekly ad and clip digital coupons on the CVS app or website. Stacking these with your ExtraBucks Rewards® can lead to epic savings!

3. Track Your Purchases:

Manage your card through the CVS website or app to keep track of your points, purchases, and personalized offers. Knowledge is power (and savings)!

4. Stay Informed:

Sign up for CVS emails and text alerts to stay updated on exclusive deals, upcoming promotions, and new products. It’s like having a personal savings assistant!


Getting a CVS card is your passport to a world of discounts, rewards, and personalized savings. By following these simple steps and using our handy tips, you’ll be a pro at maximizing your shopping experience at CVS. Remember, a little planning and awareness can go a long way in stretching your budget and making every purchase a celebration of savings!

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Is the CVS card free?

Yes, the basic ExtraCare® card is free!

How do I earn ExtraBucks Rewards®?

Earn points with every eligible purchase. Track your progress through the CVS website or app.

What can I redeem my ExtraBucks Rewards® for?

Use them for discounts on future purchases across all CVS stores and online.

Is there an upgrade to the ExtraCare® card?

Yes, ExtraCare Plus™ offers additional benefits like free prescription delivery and bonus rewards for a small fee.

How do I manage my ExtraCare® card?

Create a account to track your points, purchases, and personalized offers. Download the app for on-the-go access.

With this comprehensive guide and your new CVS card, you are well-equipped to START on a journey of savvy shopping! Remember, unlocking savings is all about being informed, proactive, and utilizing the tools at your disposal.

So, grab your card, download the app, and start reaping the rewards of your newfound knowledge.

Happy shopping! Till Next



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